Initialisation failed with Audio Unit

Hi Jules,

I got an assertion failure while running my AU plugin with AU Lab.
Since you say in your comments that you want to know about this failure, here is what happened:

  • I load the plugin: OK
  • I unload the plugin: OK
  • I reload the plugin: assertion failure in:

initialiseJuce_NonGUI() { jassert (mi.readString() == randomString); }
This gets called from JuceAU constructor.
I am running Mac OS X 10.6.2 and updated Juce from GIT 2 days ago.

Talking about Audio Unit, your wrapper gives the same parameter’s infos to all parameters:

outParameterInfo.minValue = 0.0f; outParameterInfo.maxValue = 1.0f; outParameterInfo.defaultValue = 0.0f; outParameterInfo.unit = kAudioUnitParameterUnit_Generic;
I am about to write my own wrappers: my AudioProcessor would know about those infos and my RTAS, AU and VST wrappers would access them.
The AU generic view would then reflect my plugin’s parameters and the wrappers would be more complete (In the RTAS wrapper, ProTools GetDefaultValue()… and other functions would be implemented).
Do you have any plans about that ?

Your recent graphical improvments are great!! Do you have any idea of when you’ll release the next Juce stable version?


That’s a very odd place to assert… Those tests are only there as a quick unit-test for some streaming code, and should either fail every time or never fail at all.

I’ll try it myself in an AU, thanks for letting me know…

Just tried the demo plugin in AU lab and it seems fine… ?

Maybe try the demo and if that works, it must be something your plugin’s doing - memory corruption sounds like the most likely cause.

Ok, I’ll do that and keep you informed!
Thanks for such a rapid support!

Actually - don’t worry about it, I got it to fail myself now. Will get it fixed right away.

In the meantime, just comment it out if it gets in your way, it’s not a serious problem.