Initialization in Audio Applications

Hey all,
I’ve been developing plugins for a while with juce and am now starting an audio application.

Unfortunately I’m always getting a linker error.

This is a blank project, only changes are:

In MainComponent.h

    // Your private member variables go here...
    ScopedPointer<NetworkServiceDiscovery::Advertiser> advertiser;

and in MainComponent.cpp:

    // Make sure you set the size of the component after
    // you add any child components.
    setSize (800, 600);
    // specify the number of input and output channels that we want to open
    setAudioChannels (2, 2);
    advertiser = new NetworkServiceDiscovery::Advertiser("1","1",1,1,RelativeTime::seconds(1.5f));


Exact same code works in a plugin project. What am I missing?


It would be helpful if you included the linker error here.