I’ve just seen that there are two methods to insert TimeSig, but why one insert it at a certain time and another at a certain beat?

Isn’t it more logical to insert it at measure?

Conceptually not adding it at start of a measure cause the interruption of the previous one that is a very strange thing on the basis of music theory!

Another things on the basis of what I’ve just said: why don’t adding a method getTimeSigAtMeasure(int measure) (or getTimeSigAtBar(int bar) ) ?

Thank you in advice!

I’m not sure I understand the problem here, if you can insert at a specific beat, then you can insert at a bar boundary (measure).

Whether you allow beat based insertions is really a UX decision for your app.

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Yes I know, not a real problem, only I don’t understand why giving this possibility of “breaking measure” :slight_smile:

Well some people do it I guess.

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Ok thank you!