Instrument & Effect Plugin Developer Needed


I’m Shane from Echo Sound Works - we are a boutique sound design company that makes Kontakt libraries, sample packs and preset banks. We are ready to progress and move forward as a company and make VST instruments and plugins.

We are seeking freelance developers who are experienced in creating simple sample based instruments and or effect plugins for Mac and Windows. VST/AU/AAX. We don’t have any plans for iOS or Android.

A best case scenario for us would be to hopefully establish an ongoing working relationship for more than one plugin. We are definitely open to the idea of establishing a royalty system on the backend as we’ve had great success doing that with our other products. Any backend would be on top of front end/freelanced payments, not in place of.

If you are interested or want to learn more, please send us an email with some of your existing VST/AU references. We can send you more project details and information and set up a Zoom or Skype call to go into more depth.

Please send any email to:

Thank you!