Instrument plugin with AUX input? Nightmare


One of my products is a synth which emulates a particular FM soundchip which had PCM playback capability. So my plugin is, in essence, an instrument, and is declared as is, but also needs an extra input to be able to process audio like the original soundchip.

Problem is, I’m having a nightmare trying to get it working as intended across different hosts and plugin formats. For example:

  • REAPER+VST2: doesn’t work.
  • REAPER+VST3: works.
  • Ableton Live + VST2: doesn’t work.
  • Ableton Live + VST3: doesn’t work.
  • Ableton Live + AU: works.
  • Pro Tools + AAX: AUX input bus not even showing.

Here’s how I’m declaring my buses in my PluginProcessor:

static BusesProperties getBusesProperties()
    return BusesProperties().withInput  ("Input",     AudioChannelSet::stereo(), true)
                             .withInput  ("DAC Input", AudioChannelSet::mono(),   true)
                             .withOutput ("Output",    AudioChannelSet::stereo(), true);

Is this why some manufacturers ship their products in regular instrument plus “FX” plugin variant? I’d hate to have to do this. I hope I’m doing something wrong. Also, I first tried to use the main input bus but only to find out that Reaper does parallel processing with a VSTi (with a VST, it works like a charm).

Thanks a lot.

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