Integrating vtk with juce

how would I go about integrating vtk with juce in my application.i’m thinking of using vtk library for drawing heat maps or graphs in the visualization of a chemical reaction using some chemical data.I’m not quite proficient in GUI programming hence i need pointers on how i’d go about it or other solutions(in juce lib) to the problem.

Can VTK render directly to an openGL context?


I actually think this is the only reliable way to go, albeit with some trade-offs. If VTK runs its own message loop it can stomp all over your JUCE application to the point of terminating it when the VTK window is closed.

The biggest PITA is dealing with CMake. I’d strongly recommend doing all VTK stuff as a dynamic library.

I’ve been meaning to give this a go myself. I could never get it working with older JUCE versions, but it looks like things should be straightforward enough now.

thank you,i’ll look at it later as i have exams at the moment