[INTERESTING]Problem with PositionableAudioSource real-time init

  • I have a mixeraudiosource with several positionable audiosource
  • I warp the original loaded wav files with SoundTouch (real time processing is not an option so i export new wav files)
  • I want to load back the warped wav files into the place of the originals and I determine the correct position to continue without clicking.
  • I use new thread for the SoundTouch export process.
  • Now, the first replacement is going well, but after that in the next switching, there is a jump forward in the wav, after that it jumps backward and then continues from the right position (this messing is around 1000-500ms).
  • When I preloading the warped wav files (exported by soundtouch too), the algorithm is going very well, but if I load the generated files after the thread process in real time (in a threadlistener, after the exporter thread is end), the annoying above thing happens.
  • When I call the thread with file export and after that I don’t load the files, just the preloaded files, there is no clicking, so the export method couldn’t be.
  • BUT When I put a wait(10000) in the thread, and try to load the exported files in the thread listener, THE SOUND CLICKS BEFORE THE THREAD HAS ENDED!

Please help me.

haha, i just exported the warped file with the same name “warped.wav” and it was a chache problem xd