Internal MIDI routing between VSTs (RNBO/Juce)

I’m looking to send midi directly from one vst to another. For instance a suite of proprietary vsts that have internal midi routing (with no exposure to the user/daw). I am exporting my RNBO project to C++ for use with the rnbo.example.juce template provided by Cycling 74 GitHub - Cycling74/rnbo.example.juce: Template project for creating RNBO and JUCE based Desktop applications and/or Audio Plugins.

I’m hoping that by augmenting the Juce/RNBO code, I can implement this functionality. I’m not totally helpless with C++, but comprehending Juce and RNBO together is a bit like open water. Currently, the AudioProcessorGraph is my only lead.

Any insight or direction is appreciated.