Internal Plugins Editor

Up until now, I have not been using the Internal plugins. I would like to use them now.

The GenericAudioProcessorEditor would be just fine. But, I have not found the right code to enable it.

So, how would one go about showing the editor (and perhaps creating it) for the internal plugins in the Midi Recording Demo, for example?

The juce::GenericAudioProcessorEditor won’t work directly with the internal plugins as they’re not juce::AudioProcessor subclasses, they’re te::Plugins.

You’ll need to write your own generic UIs for them using their exposed te::AutomatableParameters.
You might be able to hack it by writing adapters to wrap them in juce::AudioProcessorParameters.

LOL. Actually, I was trying it with the te::AutomatableParameters, but thought I was doing it wrong.

I will just carry on then.