Interprocess communication using named pipe

Hi, please could I get help with an interprocess communication issue in Windows?

I would like to send json messages to a nodejs interprocess communication server on the same computer.
The server seems to have started fine on the nodejs side:

starting server on \\.\pipe\testIPC

On the JUCE side I have in my MainComponent:

juce::String testIPC = "\\.\pipe\testIPC";

I instantiate a pipeIPC object whose class derives from InterProcessConnection:

currentPipe = new pipeIPC(this);
class pipeIPC : public juce::InterprocessConnection

I attempt to connect to the named pipe with:

currentPipe->connectToPipe(testIPC, 1000);

But I am not seeing the connection happening on the nodejs side. I got the pipe name from Microsoft documentation:

\ ServerName \pipe\ PipeName
where ServerName is either the name of a remote computer or a period, to specify the local computer.

Any guidelines would be much appreciated! Thanks!