InterprocessConnection/IPC Demo

Hello all , this is Kristoff ! 

Im pretty new in here , this is my first Hello World post :)


Just wondered , where i can find any InterprocessConnectionNamedPipe / IPC examples  for juce-to-juce communication ? .

Something is telling me (looking at the JuceDemo) that there is no such demo which would cover mentioned modules/techniques .

Do i miss something ? Ive seen references in very old threads that such examples were existing , but cant really spot it anywhere .

In Jojo ( ) there’s some tests done while exploring the library at first. A couple (rather minimalist) are focused on those classes.

There is also “JojoInterprocess” dealing with ChildProcessMaster. This is an example about communicate between Max/MSP and a JUCE app.

Sorry but i didn’t heard about a more extensive demo.

Oh Hii ! its you Nicolas ? its great to see you there (beside C74) . The world is small .

Thank you for the response , its really helful looking at your files . Those resources are clear enough to deduct anything from . great !

Yep. That’s me one step further into the free world.

And this repository aims to avoid the trial-and-error parties for the followers :wink:

:) so the world is free now ? damn , havent realized .

I must say that your stripped down versions are very useful .

Just estabilished two way connection , as it was clear to understand from your files . I miss such examples in the documentation . But your repo will help a lot with the other stuff too . You have covered most of the small things im interested into . thank you so much Nicolas !

At least that is GPL, that’s a good start. I’ll keep on posting some examples along my learning process (e.g. complex GUI). Probably that the next big step later will be to test things about Pd / JUCE (to avoid dependencies with closed source environments). I would like also to fulfill the lack of DSP examples, but sadly in my work i don’t taste that kind of sweetmeat. Anyway thanks for the feedback.

The above URL seems invalid meanwhile.
But I found this, if anyone is still looking for an InterprocessConnection example:
This is a quite complex example, but it seems to show some possibilities.

Note that a mirror remains at < >.
Note that it uses an obsolete version of the Max SDK (and JUCE also now).
Note that i don’t use Max nor than JUCE anymore.

Ok, thanks for pointing this out even though you don’t use Juce anymore :slight_smile:
If I may be a little curious: did you switch to another audio framework or to other topics?

I forked Pure Data to not be dependant anymore to any framework nor to any team.

That’s time consuming (the rest of my life) ; but money saver (the rest of my unemployed life).