I am an old time C and Assembler programmer who moved to C# and was in love with it.  I have a free password organizer at  if anyone wants to see my skill level and also have a decent organizer with a cool mapping module.

OK, to the point.  C# is great for Windows but sadly lacking for Linux and OSX.  I have had many requests for OSX especially.  So I started the process of choosing a cross platform library and Juce has won my heart and mind.  My plan it duplicate, as much as possible, what I have done in C# but using C++ and Juce.

I thought C# was OK because I have a fairly powerful desktop system but it is a turtle compared to C++ and Juce.  It will be an interesting port.

I hope people will forgive my initial dumb questions.  I am a good programmer just not with C++ yet.  Learning is fun so I am having a good time again.

Hey Lonnien,

Welcome to the club!  Good choice on JUCE -- it is an amazing feat of engineering!

 You'll find C++11 offers plenty of tricks over C# also.

 Remember there is an IRC channel: #juce on Freenode -- it's a good hangout and has a few resident experts.