Introjucer 4.1 error: "At least one of your JUCE module paths is invalid!"

Hi all, 
    I'm trying to compile Dexed vst on a linux machine. So, here's what I did:
- Downloaded Dexed source
- Downloaded & compiled Introjucer 4.1 from the github page.
- Opened the Dexed.jucer file with Introjucer 4.1.
- Changed path of VST SDK to ~/SDKs/VST3_SDK in global prefs fearing it is the source of error (linux doesn't like spaces in paths unless in quotes), and I changed the folder name accordingly.
- Changed all the modules' paths to their absolute (not relative ../../) paths.

Still I can not save the project as I keep getting this error message (see attachment!).

Any help is much appreciated, thanks.


Can you give us a screen shot of your modules page which shows the paths. Are you sure you selected the right path: the paths should point to /something/something/JUCE/modules and not to the inidividual modules themselves. Did you use the folder chooser to select the correct module path?