Introjucer can't connect to server


Complete JUCE noob here.

I’m having a problem with the Introjucer. It builds and runs fine but when I click for module updates it comes back (after some 10s of secs) with “Couldn’t connect to the JUCE webserver”.

I’ve Wireshark’d it - see attached (it’s a pcap with .txt extension as .pcap not allowed). There’s a successful TCP connection to the JUCE server but then an HTTP 301 and the server closes the connection.

I can browse to successfully and there’s no HTTP 301.

I’m running Kubuntu 12.04 and have the latest git repo from earlier today.

Happy to investigate further if pointed in the right direction!


P.S. JUCE looks excellent and just what I’m after, looking forward to getting stuck in!

That’s odd - it’s connecting just fine for me (in OSX). I guess it could be a linux thing, I’ll take a look when I get a moment.

But TBH if you’re using GIT, that’s a much better solution than using the introjucer’s downloader, which is really only there because some people can’t/won’t use GIT!

Ahhh, OK, newbie mistake! I’d hadn’t appreciated that I should point “Module source folder:” at my local JUCE/modules dir from GIT, although it seems obvious now! (I thought it was only there to specify where Introjucer would download modules to.)

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I’ve now got Introjucer generating a project but it doesn’t build… I’ll post about that in the appropriate place.