Introjucer doesn't define silenceInProducesSilenceOut

Commit eda5904ba787788f84eec517ca161bb704c8d88c added the pure virtual AudioProcessor::silenceInProducesSilenceOut(), but Introjucer doesn’t define it in the generated derived class. I don’t need help with this. Just thought it might have been an oversight you would be interested in.

Thanks, yes, it was an oversight!

Should this issue be noted to the “List of changes that impact user-code (since V2.0 release)” for existing plugin code? It caught me out for a bit - I wish Visual Studio would report which virtual functions aren’t implemented!!

I’d have thought it’d be pretty clear from the compiler error, but yes, I guess I can add a note about it…

Error in VS2010 was just “Cannot instantiate abstract class” - so I had to go through and check all the virtuals one by one to see what was missing…

Ah, good old MSVC. Clang tells you which one is missing.

It does, indeed: it’s on the “output” window, not in the “Errors list”

It does, indeed: it’s on the “output” window, not in the “Errors list”[/quote]

Thanks for that tip, it’ll be quicker to sift through the output window than the code :slight_smile: