Introjucer file import and Xcode problem [fixed]

Hey there! I've got a problem when including some existing code which uses std includes and building it. When I:

  1. create a group in Introducer and 
  2. import existing source files which uses std there and
  3. save and open the project in Xcode
  4. and try to build it,

Xcode can not build and reports it can not find a std headers (like string, functional) for imported files while my original code which has that includes as well compiles without problem.

When I remove the Intrujucer-imported files and import them back using Xcode its ok then. I must note I am using Xcode 5...

Am I doing something wrong? Or maybe problem is somewhere else?


All standard headers missing or just some? 

If it's just some, check which C++ library you are using. There's an LLVM one and a GNU one to choose from in Xcode.  And I think the GNU one is a little older and is missing some files and you have to use the tr1 subfolder for some of the C++11 stuff.



Thanks bazrush for reply! Today I have found out that the problem was with third party code - the files were named *.C and they contained C++ code. When I renamed them to standart *.cpp everythink seems to be ok :-)