Introjucer: Group Compile Tick


Hi Jules,

A small request; the ability to right-click a group, and recursively tick the c/cpp files to compile/not compile.

This would be invaluable for creating modules!


Somewhere in jucer_TreeViewTypes.h’s GroupTreeViewItem:

void tickFilesToCompileOrNot (bool shouldCompile);

Somewhere in jucer_TreeViewTypes.cpp:

void GroupTreeViewItem::showPopupMenu()

    m.addItem (6, "Tick files to compile");
    m.addItem (7, "Tick files to not compile");

void GroupTreeViewItem::handlePopupMenuResult (int resultCode)
        case 6:     tickFilesToCompileOrNot (true); break;
        case 7:     tickFilesToCompileOrNot (false); break;
void GroupTreeViewItem::tickFilesToCompileOrNot (const bool shouldCompile)
    for (int i = 0; i < item.getNumChildren(); ++i)
        Value value;
        value.referTo (item.getChild (i).getShouldCompileValue());
        value.setValue (shouldCompile);

    for (int i = getNumSubItems(); --i >= 0;)
        if (GroupTreeViewItem* sub = dynamic_cast<GroupTreeViewItem*> (getSubItem (i)))
            sub->tickFilesToCompileOrNot (shouldCompile);



Thanks, have added (my interpretation of) this!


A much more elegant approach you mean :smiley: