Introjucer GUI Components only saved after focus has changed away from the currently edited text editor


1.) create project with introjucer
2.) create GUI component
3.) add a button
4.) change the text to "foo" (without pressing return)
5.) press cmd+s
6.) note that the text in the generated file is not "foo"

It works if you press cmd+s twice. I think this is because the value of the text-editor is not committed until it looses focus.
This also happens in the editor fields in the "Class"-tab.

One could argue, that this is a user error, but it caused me head-scratching more than once. My argument would be, that it's a valid to expect stuff to be saved if you command the program to do so :)


Yeah, the GUI editor is very old code, and not the most bulletproof.. Whether we renovate it or just replace it with something else is still undecided. But if this annoys you and you want to suggest a fix, please go for it!

I have quite a few layouts built with it. If you decide to drop support, please make what ever comes after it backwards compatible. pretty please :)


Don't worry, even if we eventually replace it, we'll certainly keep the old one around for the many people with code that uses it!