IntroJucer is not Turing Complete

Well we know IntroJucer is not Turing Complete, nor was it the original design goal to be.

But IntroJucer is not even capable of building itself! What I mean is that IntroJucer STILL cannot be used to make the most basic project, such as the one that COMES with Juce (the Juce static library project)!! See for yourself:


I would LOVE to use IntroJucer to set up my static library project as shown in the screenshot. I could easily produce the Macintosh project file.

So…where are these features?

Am I missing something with what you’re asking for Vinnie? Here’s an example showing groups, and exclusion options…


Blah that was my mistake! I didn’t figure out how to get the build settings to show up until now…


Okay I have to admit some fault…I didn’t actually look very hard in IntroJucer for these settings. I just asked a helper if they could configure an IntroJucer project to create my static library and they said IntroJucer didn’t support it.

I’m not naming any names but YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! :oops: