Introjucer line endings on osx?

Was a consensus ever reached regarding this?

just keep xcode set to CRLF? What about when you do that and Xcode gives you this warning whenever you go to commit?
do this in terminal for each project: $ git config core.autocrlf false ?

I have had success with a .gitattributes file with “* -crlf” until XCode 9.2. If you set XCode to write “Windows CRLF” it basically ignores it, even when you create a new file. I verified this using a hex editor. So the situation I have now is as follows.
Start out with no differences in GIT.
Modify some files in XCode and commit them. -> GIT shows no differences.
Open the Projucer and “Save All”. -> GIT shows CRLF differences for every file that I modified at the lines that were modified since the last time I saved from the Projucer.
I have looked at the binary of the files after each step and it appears that XCode is the culprit. Projucer writes the files with CRLF consistently to the best of my knowledge.

It used to work in Xcode, but this is a bug in Xcode 9 that they’re being very slow to fix…

I’ve tried using git config’s and it didn’t work well at all.
Ended up doing dos2unix on any new file generated by the Projucer and making sure to run the script to fix commits’ whitespace sins.


Projucer the CRLF crusader -
Even if I just open it to click on the button that generates and opens my Xcode project, it converts the lines of a random innocent file that it happened to have open in its text editor.