Introjucer Makefiles requests

  1. Pre/post build scripts (either just a path or the same as in XCode)
  2. Intermidiate (build?) directory settings (theese are hardcoded in the Makefile)
  3. Pass the compiler/linker parameters to ALL files, i have .cpp and .c files only the .cpp files get my -W and -f settings (example for two files from the same project below, output from make -n, notice the lua.c file lack -fpermissive -w -fPIC).
echo "Compiling lua.c"
cc  -D "LINUX=1" -D "DEBUG=1" -D "_DEBUG=1" -D "CTRLR_NIGHTLY=1" -D "JucePlugin_Build_Standalone" -D "LUA_USE_LINUX" -D "_LINUX=1" -D "JUCER_LINUX_MAKE_CC96CACF=1" -I /usr/include -I /usr/include/freetype2 -I ../../../Standalone/JuceLibraryCode -I ../../../../Boost -I ../../../../Source/Lua/luabind -I ../../../../Source/Misc -I ../../../../Source/MIDI -I ../../../../Source -I ../../../../Source/UIComponents -I ../../../../Source/Core -I ../../../../Source/Plugin -I ../../../../Source/Application -I ../../../../Source/Lua -I ../../../../Source/Lua/lua -march=native -g -ggdb -O0 -o "build/intermediate/Debug/lua_1fbf8c9d.o" -c "../../../../Source/Lua/luabind/src/lua.c"
mkdir -p build/intermediate/Debug
echo "Compiling object_rep.cpp"
g++  -D "LINUX=1" -D "DEBUG=1" -D "_DEBUG=1" -D "CTRLR_NIGHTLY=1" -D "JucePlugin_Build_Standalone" -D "LUA_USE_LINUX" -D "_LINUX=1" -D "JUCER_LINUX_MAKE_CC96CACF=1" -I /usr/include -I /usr/include/freetype2 -I ../../../Standalone/JuceLibraryCode -I ../../../../Boost -I ../../../../Source/Lua/luabind -I ../../../../Source/Misc -I ../../../../Source/MIDI -I ../../../../Source -I ../../../../Source/UIComponents -I ../../../../Source/Core -I ../../../../Source/Plugin -I ../../../../Source/Application -I ../../../../Source/Lua -I ../../../../Source/Lua/lua -march=native -g -ggdb -O0 -fpermissive -w -fPIC -o "build/intermediate/Debug/object_rep_52fbed22.o" -c "../../../../Source/Lua/luabind/src/object_rep.cpp"

Not sure how to do pre/post scripts in a makefile, TBH. I’m not much of a ‘make’ expert!

Yes, I should make the CFLAGS the same as CPPFLAGS, I didn’t notice that they were different - will fix that now.

Haven’t time to add intermediate dirs code right now though - remind me some other time, or send me a code snippet to do it!