Introjucer on Win10 : mouse and finger touch are working, but pen is not


I am using Windows 10 on a Microsoft Surface 3 Pro.

When using the introjucer, something weird happens :

- Mouse and finger clicks are recognized (buttons, menus..) : everything is OK

- Pen input does not work at all (this is the standard Microsoft pen supplied with the tablet)

None of the compatibility settings changed this.

I recall a forum discussion around 2011 where some user mentioned right after the Microsoft touch SDK was released, that his events were not caught correctly. It seems Jules had to change something related to event flag mask to fix that.

Maybe there's something similar going on with pen vs. touch vs. mouse events ?

If that may help, I have built the Introjucer using Visual Studio 2015 Community edition.

I will try to step into the code to understand what's going on.

Thanks in advance for your help




Question: are you on the newest tip of JUCE?

Jules fixed a Windows pen/touch detection issue on 06/01/2016, maybe that does the trick?

Hello Timur,

I took the tip of the master branch , rebuilt and now it works fine!

Thank you very much.



(I also noticed there are a lot of changes between 4.1.0 and today's version. Things seem to evolve fast! Great!)