Introjucer: Option for always including files

It should be possible to specify that files are always included in the exported IDE-specific project file, independent of whether or not they are compiled. Consider this IntroJucer project:


Aside from the problem of specifying that .cpp files should not be compiled in a particular IDE, it is not possible to specify that the .mm files should be included in the project. This is the desired output:


Although this is not a big deal in the example provided (the .mm files just include the .cpp) it is a larger problem for xCode. Since the .mm will be included in the Xcode project instead of the .cpp, find in files from the IDE will not know about the .cpp sources.

It would be nice if the projects generated by the IntroJucer could optionally include the JUCE sources for ALL PLATFORMS (.mm files on Windows, and the android / ios files).

This way when you do a find in files you can actually find JUCE code for other platforms.