Introjucer Preventing Snapshots

This questions is half Juce, half XCode so I wanted to come here first to see if any Juce + XCode users were experiencing the same thing.

I created my project with Introjucer. Everything works fine, except XCode’s Snapshot utility. But with a default non-Juce project created in XCode the Snapshot utility works properly. I’m wondering, would anyone have any idea as to what setting Introjucer is effecting that doesn’t allow the Snapshot utility to work?

I’ve done a side-by-side comparison of a Introjucer and non-Introjucer project (build settings and preferences) and I still haven’t been able to find the culprit.

After creating a Snapshot, I make a change to the code, and then save it. But no changes show up in the Snapshot. However, if I build and run, three files show up in the snapshot:


These are not files in my Source, and are definitely not the files I changed. I’m using XCode 3.2.6. Any ideas?