Introjucer Project Template

I’ve been meaning to ask for this for some time…

Can a template be added to Introjucer that makes a “Standalone Audio Plug-In” utilizing the wrapper classes?

It could be… feel free to write one!

great! when I come up with something clean I’ll send off a git patch to you.

The way I do this with introjucer at the moment (using the tip):

  1. Make introjucer project (Project Type: plugin)

  2. Save it

  3. Copy JucePluginCharacteristics.h and place it in the root of the project folder

  4. In the introjucer, switch plugin type to Application (GUI)

  5. add the following to the debug/release includes
    Path to/juce/src/audio/plugin_client/standalone;

  6. Add the /plugin_client/standalone directory to the project

This works for me but I’m sure that there is a more elegant way of doing this . . . :smiley: