Introjucer request: option to exclude BinaryData.h from AppConfig.h

I'm doing things where I make changes to my binary data only - but even if I just save binary data from the Introjucer, it resaves BinaryData.h, which is included in AppConfig.h, which is included in everything.

So I have rebuild the world each time I make a tiny change - and there are a lot of tiny changes.  Tedious, even on this fairly fast machine.

If there were a new configuration option in the Introjucer to not include BinaryData.h in AppConfig.h, I don't think it would break anything in new projects that were expecting this, and it'd be very handy for cases when you changed the binary data frequently without changing anything else.


'tis done! (though TBH I haven't tested it..)

Seems to work fine!

(For some reason I'm no longer getting notifications from the forum...)

I should add that a lot of this week is going to involve making tiny tweaks to binary data files, and I'm estimating that I'm going to save at least three hours of waiting for the world to compile because of this change...