Introjucer + RTAS + MSVC2010 Linker options

The “ModuleDefinitionFile” and “DelayLoadDLLs” options are not being set for MSVC2010 projects like they are set for MSVC2008…

Adding the following lines at tip:jucer_ProjectExport_MSVC.h:1184 seems to solve it:

                if (config.config [Ids::msvcModuleDefinitionFile].toString().isNotEmpty())
                    link->createNewChildElement ("ModuleDefinitionFile")->addTextElement (config.config [Ids::msvcModuleDefinitionFile].toString());

                if (msvcDelayLoadedDLLs.isNotEmpty())
                    link->createNewChildElement ("DelayLoadDLLs")->addTextElement (msvcDelayLoadedDLLs);

btw, while the file format seems to differ, these options have same names and values as in msvc2008. I wonder if those exports could share this logic so the code would be less prone to similar discrepancies (i.e if for example a new option will be needed to be added and then one adds it only in one place and not both)

cheers, Yair


(The two project formats are different enough that it’d be awkward to share code between them for these things - I think in this case it’s just better to keep them separate).