Introjucer Scheme: String Bug?

Hi Jules,

Was just wondering if the string used for inclusions was intended to be coloured the same as preprocessor keywords, and not like a typical string literal:
[attachment=0]String Colour Example.png[/attachment]

It would be nicer if all strings were the same colour, imo…

Hm… it seems that all text related to preprocessors get coloured the same as the preprocessors themselves.

Yeah, that’s deliberate. (All IDEs colour preprocessor defs like that, don’t they?)

Can’t say I’ve ever seen that in Visual Studio, and I’ve been using it for a long time…

Here’s a screenshot of how it is for me by default in VS2010:
[attachment=0]Default VS2010.png[/attachment]

To make it work like VS, the preprocessor commands would have to be considered keywords instead of “Preprocessor Text” (as per the Introjucer’s Appearance Settings editor).

Ah, I’ve been mainly on Xcode for a long time now, and that keeps them a uniform colour. Personally, I like the one-colour approach, but it’s just personal taste, really… Do you really think it’d be worth my time in changing this!?

Not really, more of cool factor suggestion at this point. Wouldn’t think there was anything wrong with that.

Nothing wrong at all, suggestions always welcome, of course!

For whatever it’s worth… the defaults in Xcode (4.4, and earlier I believe) appear to colour strings separately as well.