Introjucer specific code block tags

When creating a new gui component in Introjucer, it will create defined tag blocks where you're supposed to imbed your user defined code. This is so when opening your app back up in Introjucer, it won't override what you've written.  

One thing I've was wondering about is the fact that there does not seem to be any "private" function tag blocks in the .H file. In the private section there is a block for user variables as in :


But not the equivelant for functions.  

Any recommendations on creating private functions that wont get overriden when opening the project back up in Introjucer?


You should be able to use private between the UserMethods tags, but you need to remember to go public again after you've finished. For example...

  //[UserMethods]     -- You can add your own custom methods in this section.
    void timerCallback();

    void myPrivateMethod();


Ok, great!  Thanks Andrew. 

It is also not illegal to just put private functions in the same place as variables as far as I know