Introjucer; Text Files Marked to Compile and Bin by Default?

Hi Jules,

Just wondering if text files should be marked to not compile by default in the Introjucer? Same for not adding them to binary resources by default?

In addition, juce_module_info files should probably have such rules applied in user projects… I’m designing a modular system at work; it becomes repetitive having to uncheck all the files when using modules in other projects.

+1 and NOT add any files automatically to mac package resources

Good point, yes!

…hmm, actually looking at the code, it definitely doesn’t compile text files by default (?) It only does that for file extensions that are obviously code: jucer_Project.cpp, line 798

Ah! I see what happened to make me suggest that; I make use of the feature “enable compiling of all enclosed files” profusely - it affects literally every enclosed file, not just the ones specified by your header/source extensions variables in juce_CommonHeaders.h. Probably would be best for that feature to check those extensions only. (Though disabling compiling of all enclosed files in a group can’t be a big deal!)