IntroJucer Vs Zenity and Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon

Hi there, first post here. I have been looking to the best platform to craft VST plugins from my Linux Mint system. Having installed introjucer I have learned that while it promises to give the best results, it freezes at the first hurdle for me, creating GUI elements.
The whole window freezes.
Reading elsewhere in the forum I have learned Zenity often has conflicts with introjucer. Do I need to change window manager/distro to avoid this? or is there a simple config. problem I need to look at?
Thanks very much.

That’s odd. I’m on Linux Mint 18 Cinaamon and don’t see this problem. Are you using some kind of special window manager? Did you build the Projucer from source?

I compiled from the Juce zip file available on site? running standard window manager, that said, it might be I’m on a 64 bit O.S :confused:
Is there another source for linux mint?

I may just uninstall and reinstall and see what happens.