Invisible popup submenus

Since few versions (I can’t really tell exactly when it started happening, but I would guess something like 6.1.x), When using submenus in popup menus, they randomly show up transparent with only the dropshadow, until the mouse is moving on top of them.
This is happening on Win11 x64 with latest juce develop branch.
I thought it was because I was still using modal loops, but I refactored all my code to comply with the async paradigm and I still get this behaviour sometimes (too often to ignore).

I tried doing screen capture / screen shots, but everytime I try, the behaviour doesn’t happen.
I had to take pictures from my phone to actually see the behaviour :
In the first one you can see the submenu only showing a dropshadow, and then when moving the mouse on the menu, it magically appears (photo 2)

Anyone getting this as well or am I alone ?