iOS Alertwindows

Are they are a bad idea? They seem to have these problems:

The appear shifted way down in the screen.
When dragging them, the shift persists - it’s about 2/3 screen height, i.e. the window is stuck against the bottom of the screen until you drag nearly to the top, then it comes 1/3 up.
When the iOS keyboard appears, the alert disappears. You have to clear the keyboard, then tap the screen to get the alert back.

I can’t really attach the alerts to my fullscreen component, as I have an OpenGLComponent covering most of the screen.

Also, related, maybe. When I rotate my iPad, the redrawn window gets shifted around 1/3 (of the remainder) down. It finally creeps right off the screen. Clicks within the component work properly when it’s shifted down.

This is a single fullscreen window, with status bar hidden. Is it the alerts mangling positions somehow?

{Edit: iOS 5}

Plus popup menus a and dragged images appear shifted on ios.