iOS Bug: PopupMenu::CustomComponent always results 0



Please consider the attached example. When I create a PopupMenu with CustomComponents, and use PopupMenu::Options::withParentComponent, clicking (tapping) items in the menu always gives the result 0. I’m using JUCE 5.4.3 commit ccbcc41b.

If I use non-custom menu items however, it works. Also, if I omit the withParentComponent, it works as well. It is only broken on iOS (Simulator and my iPad); on Mac it works correctly.

Minimum working example to reproduce:

CustomMenuItemTest.h (3.4 KB)


This should be fixed on develop with commit 5630241. Thanks for reporting!


@ed95 Thanks! This also fixes some iOS-only issues I had with PopupMenu nested sub-menus.


Thanks for getting on this!