iOS Camera Roll access from JUCE


Quick question, is there currently a way to access files in the iOS Camera Roll directly using JUCE, or will I have to write native code?


I think that should be File::SpecialLocationType::userMoviesDirectory …


I think aiit wrote some code to do this on iOS not so long ago. It involves some native code to pop-up the camera roll but its all wrapped up very nicely and just returns a juce::Image. Here’s the discussion and I think the code is wrapped up nicely in a JUCE module hosted on GitHub now.


Nope. On iOS, that refers to the “Movies” directory in the app’s sandbox…


Thanks, I’ll look there for clues. The module won’t help me directly though, as I need to access movie files and their tracks for processing.

It’s looking more like I will have to write native code, barring any further suggestions…