iOS projects need a real numerical build number


When submitting an IPA to iTunes Connect, the CFBundleVersion key must numerically exceed the one from the previously uploaded IPA. Problem is: the Projucer doesn’t have such a project property. Instead, it uses the Version property to generate both the CFBundleShortVersion (which is OK) and the CFBundleVersion (which is wrong) in .plist files. I’d love this feature to be added in the Projucer as well as the same CLI options that already exist for Version number management (like --set-build-number and --bump-build-number).


Unless I am missing something, which I’d be happy to know. Of course that could be a job for a script but I don’t feel comfortable writing a script that would « correct » files made by the Projucer. Thanks for your help.

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What if we used something like this?