iOS Simulator Issues with Introjucer projects

I am having trouble with the iOS Simulator, it doesn’t seem to want to run any project created from Introjucer.
Anyone else seeing this?

I’m running OS X 10.7.2 and Xcode 4.2.1. Using the latest juce tip. Project is just straight from Introjucer, no modifications.
Oddly enough, the Juce Demo is running fine in the simulator.

I’m not quite sure what exactly is going on, but it definitely has something to do with the bundle identifier.

Up until May 9, 2012, stock Introjucer projects ran fine in the iOS simulator. After that day it stopped working.

The following commit changed the default value of the Bundle Identifier:;a=commit;h=a2845d8895ed557363e40b3c4301b67ed98261ca

Up until that commit, it used to be “com.yourcompany.”.
After that commit it was simply blank.

When you compile+rum a stock Introjucer project after that day, it fails to run in the iOS simulator. If you try to modify the bundle identifier directly in Xcode and compile+run again, it still fails to run in the iOS simulator.
They only way I could get a stock Introjucer project to run from that commit (a2845d8895ed557363e40b3c4301b67ed98261ca) on (including the latest tip) was to set the Bundle Identifier in Introjucer before creating the project for the first time.

Ok, thanks… that bundle ID did seem to no longer be getting set. I’ve changed it now, it should work ok - let me know if you still have problems with it.

Just tested the latest tip. Everything is working fine now with your fix. Projects from Introjucer are running properly in the iOS simulator.