iOs11 - Audio Thread Performance Issue - Boost process priority using OpenGL?

Hi There,

I have been reported with some performance issue (audio drop-outs) on iOs 11 related to one of our app called Ravenscroft 275.

On Audiobus forum, some users seemed to have found a workaround to reduce the number of audio dropouts by loading Ravenscroft 275 as AU in an host alongside another AU Dubstation 2 with its UI showing while playing Ravenscroft 275 through MIDI.

This made me think that this specific app Dubstation 2 (Coded with Juce, I believe) could be using a different drawing method, like OpenGL and allows the App to run with higher dedicated CPU priority. Or call a specific code to allow the CPU to give more resources.

What do you guys think of this? Would an App benefits of more CPU priority if it was implementing some OpenGL render?

This is more likely due to CPU throttling to preserve battery. A trick to keep the CPU “hot” on iOS is to keep the GPU busy for example by rendering all sorts of non-sense to an offscreen window.

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