IPython's approach to Community support

The IPython crew have been using Gitter – https://gitter.im/ipython/ipython

Reading the conversation yesterday, I learned that they have created https://github.com/jupyter/help and are ditching Gitter in favour of this.

Yep, a separate (empty) GitHub project solely to leverage GitHub’s issue tracker, to cleanly separate dev issues from fielding help questions.

Of course they have a different situation, IPython is an umbrella of several projects.

It probably won’t be of any use to JUCE. But it’s quite an interesting idea. I suppose it could be extended to also using Gitter on the ‘help’ repo & maybe the wiki, maybe even moving all non-core demo projects and tutorials into the ‘help’ repo. i.e. Keeping the core absolutely focused on doing its job.

Again, I don’t see any indication that JUCE needs to do anything differently. But I always like looking at alternative workflows.


I wonder if the JUCE team have considered using Github’s issues facility? I think it works really well and easy to link commits to issues.

We are discussing this topic in the JUCE team, and we’ll definitely check out GitHub’s facilities as well! Thanks for the suggestions. Stay tuned, hopefully we can introduce an issue tracking system soon.

See also this thread.

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