Irrlicht 3D Engine + JUCE


i managed to create an IrrlichtComponent which embedds the 3D engine into JUCE, but something seems to cap my framerate at 60 FPS.

My component internally uses an JUCE OpenGLContext + OpenGLRenderer with

ContinuousRepainting enabled


ComponentPainting disabled


SwapInterval = 0 (=> vsync disabled)

I am quite sure that the Irrlicht Engine doesn't have any control over rendering speed anymore, so the reason i only get 60 FPS has to be somewhere else.

Am i missing something?

PS: I have done my measurements with a JUCE PerformanceCounter averaged over 1000 cycles, which results in 17ms.

I'd be very interested in this - would be great to be able to use a nice 3D engine within a Juce app. 

I am writing juce components for Irrlicht, Ogre and maybe also Panda3D.

Actually i plan to share them as soon as i have tested them a little bit and everything works fine. :)


Oh, and regarding this thread... i still haven't figured out what causes this 60 FPS limitation. :/


This sounds interesting, I'm looking to integrate a 3D engine into JUCE.  Please do tell us how you've got on Iodun!