Is anyone still using the old juce_amalgamated.h files?

In the root of the juce repository, there are still some old juce_amalgamated.h/cpp files, and a juce.h file... It's years now since I even looked at them, or checked that they even work (I assume they probably don't!).

So since nobody has complained about any problems with them, I guess everyone has now moved on to using modules, and it's safe for me to nuke these files and clean up the repository? Let me know quickly if not!

Still using those and it works fine.

Pretty convenient way to add all Juce in a couple of files.

I'm not using introjucer FWIW.

Will need to fix project to add each modules but I can live with that if you say so.


Ok, am surprised that it still works!

They've contained some compiler warnings for a long time to warn people that they're deprecated - are you just ignoring/supressing those?

ignoring those.

don't fix what ain't broken :)

Haven't used them here in a couple of years.