Is frame-rate a reliable value to expect from CurrentPositionInfo?

I’m trying to get the frame rate from the host.
So far I’ve tested Logic X, Ableton Live 10 and REAPER. none provided me a reliable value as seen on project settings.

I know all the Playhead struct varies much between many hosts. but I wonder if there’s even one host (excluding Pro Tools / AAX) that would provide proper frame rate value.

Are you testing with video? Otherwise that value is probably of no use as stated in the comment for CurrentPositionInfo.FrameRate (/** The video frame rate, if applicable. **)

Thank you for the feedback.
The comment is common for the entire CurrentPositionInfo where behavior varies a lot by each host…

With video I didn’t notice any difference with Logic X for example.
Still sent me 24fps where the project was 25fps and my video also…