Is it possible to load project and VST plugin in DAW when building VST?

I want to be able to press Build in IDE and then have Ableton Live launch with an instance of the JUCE VST I’m working on already loaded as well as some other softsynths loaded. Is there any way to have this happen or do I need to load all of these things manually every time I hit Build in IDE?

I don’t use Abelton, but I’ve tried this with some other DAWs. If you set the DAW as your debug executable in your IDE, then when you “run” your VST project, it will launch the DAW and allow you to debug the VST. Now, if your DAW has the capability of automatically launching the last loaded document/project, then you can have a document with your plugin loaded with other plugins and the DAW will bring it up automatically.

Some can also take in a project file name from the command line arguments and will load that. (At least Reaper works like that.)