Is JUCE ok for low-latency network applications?

Hi. I want to build an application for remote music interaction. Basically, two users interact by recording and sending audio via internet. Obviously, the latency should be as low as possible. I am going to use low-latency drivers for this purpose (ASIO for windows, JACK for linux). Is JUCE a suitable framework for this kind of project?
Thank you!

Sure, JUCE’s audio i/o classes let you use the lowest possible latency that the device can provide.

However, I think that if you’re pushing audio across the network, then that’ll be the least of your worries compared to network latency! Good luck with your project!

On this note have a look at Elaine Chew’s research on performing together with latency. Her talk at the ADC conference last year was one of the highlights! (especially the musical parts, TBH :wink: ) > 15 mins

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