Is the an XY component

Lurking anywhere?


I just searched "GitHub JUCE XYPad" and came across this project called Cabbage, which seems to have one. I experimented with making one a while back and it really wasn't that hard. I would share mine, but I never did finish it (I still need drag precision and what not similar to Slider or something). You could look at the one in Cabbage to get ideas on making your own.

cool, thx for the link.

sorry for the basic questions but have only started to use Juce over the last couple of days so still trying to figure out what's there and what needs to be handcrafted ourselves. some times it easy to overlook things due to naming etc. so just wanted to make sure before going down that route.

Yeah there isn't one included. For ideas on creating one, you could also take a look at the ColourSelector. It has something kind of similar to an XY pad. Oh course it's much different, but there's elements you could take from it. If I can remember, I could try to finish up a little prototype. Making custom Components is actually quite straightforward in JUCE. I really love the Component model because of that.