Is there a way to scan a single plugin file with PluginDirectoryScanner?

Is there a way to make PluginDirectoryScanner to scan a single specific plugin file, instead of a whole folder of plugins?

Obviously one could skip all plugins which don’t match the name of the wanted plugin, but that involves redundant code. Is there a more direct method to achieve this?

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I do it like this:

void HostProcess::scanFile (const juce::File& file)
    if (file.hasFileExtension ("vst3"))
        pluginFormat = std::make_unique<juce::VST3PluginFormat>();
    else if (file.hasFileExtension ("component"))
        pluginFormat = std::make_unique<juce::AudioUnitPluginFormat>();

    if (pluginFormat)
        pluginList.scanAndAddFile (file.getFullPathName(), false, descriptions, *pluginFormat);

    DBG ("Found types: " << descriptions.size());
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I’m interested in knowing if the below function actually needs to be taken care of the application itself, or if JUCE already takes care of it when instantiating the plugins:

bool AudioPluginFormat::requiresUnblockedMessageThreadDuringCreation(const PluginDescription&) const