Is there any news on the Projucer?

Hi Jules and all, 

I'm just wondering if there happens to be any more news on the Projucer since the ROLI acquisition? I keep watching that darned youtube demo and dreaming. 


Is there a new discussion thread anywhere that I have missed ? 

+1 :)

JUCE_LIVE_CONSTANT gets you part of the way there... 

+1 :)

JUCE_LIVE_CONSTANT gets you part of the way there... 

It's certainly under discussion, but no promises just yet!



How had i not noticed this in the API docs ! 


Thanks adamski !


Time to play....

The suspense is genuinley brutal, The JUCE_LIVE_CONSTANT macro is certainly going to make a difference in tweaking's been there since 2013....(weeps gently).


Thanks for the update Jules. 

It's been part of JuceDemo for ages... I emplore every Juce developer to keep an eye on JuceDemo/new demos [i.e. build it regularly on their prefered targets] (and Jules/team to add tests for new features there [which they usually do] - so that we can all be testers and give each component/new features a thougher drabbing and build confidence  )