Is there any system likes reusable Queue in iOS?


i wondered that is there system or library likes reusable system in iOS.

for example, when we create list view containing 2000 cells and user can watch only 6 cells in display,
juce only load 6 cell in gui and enqueue rest cells in reusable queue in order to economize memory efficiency. and when users scroll the list, not-dislayed cells enqueue, and dequeue cells which have to be disaplayed.

if there is no system like this, i want to make open-source library.


Is that enough?

If you need something more thread-safe you’ll be able to find some nice cpp thread-safe queues out there.
Or do something using JUCE’s own AbstractFIFO

Yes, UIKit handles view recycling for you.
Have a look at the documentation:

Basically you first register your view classes, which will be dequeued when the user scrolls a table or collection view.

oh, i mean is there any resuable queue system like ios in JUCE

sorry for my english skills