Is this possible to code on Littlefoot for Lightpad BLOCK? If so, what is the script for it and how does it work?

I am a complete beginner to coding, and I want to experiment with the Lightpad BLOCK’s code.
Is it possible on the Lightpad BLOCK to create a wheel, when pressed and virtually turned have the wheel turn with your finger, then when you take your finger off, the wheel goes back to its resting state, and send a pitch bend for the action of turning, one for turning left and one for turning right? (so basically a virtual steering wheel for the Lightpad BLOCK) I know that’s a lot, but I can’t find any resources on this. Does anyone know if I could possibly do this in BLOCKS Code, or do I need another program?

You’re much more likely to be able to find someone who can answer that question on ROLI’s support forum, Discussions : ROLI Support, or the new home of the JUCE BLOCKS module on GitHub: GitHub - WeAreROLI/roli_blocks_basics: C++ API for applications which interact with ROLI BLOCKS.

Oh, Ok. Thanks!

Wait, so does that work with Blocks Code or does it use one of your programs?

It’s a different thing to BLOCKS code, but I’m afraid I don’t know if there’s any shared functionality.

Yes you should be able to use BLOCKS Code to develop this.
Current download link is here: The BLOCKS SDK: Getting started with BLOCKS CODE
Here are the LittleFoot language definitons:
The BLOCKS SDK: LittleFoot Functions
Example scripts can be found here to give you a starting point:
roli_blocks_basics/littlefoot/scripts at 9a6df113bf570aec53d33cbf97938d8602e4ac2f · WeAreROLI/roli_blocks_basics · GitHub