Issue with plug-in processing

Hi I’m making a plug-in host that was able to send audio data through a reverb plug-in and was working fine but now all of a sudden it’s not processing the data so I get no dsp…

I can provide repo access as the code is rather long

If anyone can help please respond to this forum with GitHub account or pm me, so I can share…

Thanks guys.

I don’t mind having a look, but this is a common issue that you need to know how to solve yourself. Before giving up and going for external help did you try this?

  1. rollback your commits until you get your audio back and review the changes you made after that commit.
  2. comment out modules one by one until you get your audio back. the last module you commented would be the source of the problem.
  3. rebuild from scratch the plugin’s dsp parts that you think are relevant to the issue. during this process you might get an “a-ha!” moment.

Yes I’ve tried those things, also keep in mind it’s not the reverb plug-in that’s the issue is the host.

I’m not coding a plug-in, I’ve made several, I’m trying to make the host. The issue is the merger of the MixerAudioSource with processorGraph.

Can you give me your GitHub so I can share the repo?